Armenian Sheep

The Armenian sheep, (Ovis orientalis gmelini) is an subspecies of mouflon endemic to Iran, Armenia, and Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan). Armenian mouflons were transferred to Kabudan (Kaboodan) Island in Lake Urmia in 1895 and 1906 by one of the governors of Azerbaijan.


This species live mostly in open rough terrain at medium or high altitudes, where they inhabit rocky hill country, lowland and highland steppes, and rocky semi-deserts, and grass-covered slopes and alpine meadows. They spend the summer at the highest elevations, up to 6000 meters, right below the permanent snow. In winter they move lower and may come into the valleys. They live in small or larger herds, and in the summer the older males live singly or in separate groups. They may live up to 18 years.