Argentina is as rich in fly fishing variety as it is in cultural diversity. During North America's dreary winter months, South America flourishes in its summer prime and the opportunities are many. Golden dorado in the north and east, prolific hatches and exclusive river trout fishing to the west (Patagonia), and the finest sea-run brown trout fishery in the world at the southern tip (Tierra del Fuego) . . . Argentina is a fly angler's paradise. 

Take this exceptional opportunity to hunt the majestic Red Stag, the exotic Axis Deer, the incredibly beautiful Indian Black Buck, Water Buffalo  and many other species. Also, collect free-range native species of Argentina such as Capybara, Brown Brocket deer, Collared and White Lipped Peccary in the wild area of Chaco. 


Season: The main hunting season runs from February through August, but there is some game you can hunt all year round. Please, consult. 

Argentina Red Stag Season is March- May

Type: Red stag, Axis and Fallow Deer, European Wild Boar, Antelope, Buffalo, Four Horned Ram, Goat and Wild Sheep, Ducks, Partridges, doves, dorado fishing

Red stag

The season goes from March 10th to August 31st, but the most exciting moment to hunt a Red Stag is during the rutting season which is from March 10th to April 6th .

The prey is located by the sound of its roar (much like on all bugles) and carefully stalked until seen. Shots seldom exceed 100 meters. This type of hunting requires the use of the five senses plus a sixth one: the sense of the hunter.

Axis and Fallow Deer

You will stalk your prey in open or semi open country and the shots are usually medium to long range and it is not necessary to hunt during the rutting season.

European Wild Boar

Hunters must sit a stand near watering places and always under the light of a full moon.


May be hunted from vehicles or on foot. Shots range from 150 meters to much farther. The hunter may also choose to hunt from a stand where the shots are much closer.


Water buffalo are the biggest animals hunted in Argentina. They are found in their natural habitat, in or near the swamps. The whole year is very good. We hunt buffalo on a horseback riding or on foot. Shots are short distance

Four Horned Ram, Goat and Wild Sheep

In the last years we have had an overpopulation of these animals and you will be able to hunt them all year long.


Fishing in Argentina is very rich in quality, species diversity and population. Different fishing techniques can be carried out here, trolling, spinning, and fly fishing are all employed to get the most from this challenging destination. There are hundreds of rivers, lagoons and fresh water lakes, which make the country into one of the most important freshwater reservoirs in the world.

Wing Shooting 

Argentina has seen a boom in hunters over the last decade traveling purely to sample the fabulous volume shooting available. We are pleased to offer high volume dove, pigeon and wildfowl trips to this iconic destination.

Traditional guides and techniques are employed to ensure your success and the potential for huge bags and a sore shoulder is high. Luxury accommodation and attentive staff coupled with easy traveling and great sport make this a must for the serious game shot.

These trips can be combined with our big game hunting packages to complete the experience.