Jabir Gazelle

   The chinkara, also called Jebeer gazelle, is a gazelle species native

to Iran, Pakistan and

India. Chinkara live in arid plains and hills, deserts, dry scrub and

light forests. They

inhabit the Kavir National Park in Iran. Chinkaras are shy and avoid

human habitation.


They can go without water for long periods and can get sufficient

fluids from plants and

dew. Although most are seen alone, they can sometimes be spotted

in groups of up to

four animals. They share their habitat with several other herbivores,

such as nilgai,

blackbuck, chausingha, wild goats, and wild pigs.


It stands at 65 cm (26 in) tall and weighs about 23 kg (51 lb). It

has a reddish-buff

summer coat with smooth, glossy fur. In winter, the white belly and

throat fur is in

greater contrast. The sides of the face have dark chestnut stripes

from the corner of the


eye to the muzzle, bordered by white stripes. Its horns reach over

39 cm (15 in).