Persian Desert Ibex

Persian Desert Ibex (Capra aegagrus ssp). This Ibex has been classified in the past as a

Bezoar Ibex. It generally weighs considerably less than Bezoar Ibex because it is found

in the desert regions of Iran.


The Persian Ibex is of a stocky build with relatively short but strong thick legs. The color

of the males in their winter coats is a tan or brown with a dark band along the spine

known as the dorsal stripe. They also have a dark shoulder strap, forming a collar around

the shoulders. All of these ibex have many of the same characteristics. The male, or

better known as the billy, have a scimitar-shaped horn. Horn shapes tend to v




ary slightly

amongst these ibexs’. Some have a higher arch, some sweep with a wider horn shape,

some arch up then come back and curl back up.