Aimed at protecting Armenian sheep and wild goat, this region was designated protected area in 2001. It is a 10337 ha area in Hamedan Province. The altitude range of 1580-2840 m and mean annual precipitation and temperature of 400 mm and 9 C respectively have resulted in a cold semi-arid climate in the region. Some of the main plant species are nettle tree, sour cherry, mountain almond, astragal, thorn, barberry, thistle, ziziphora, devil’s milk, carnation, sheep’s fescus, milfoil, dog rose, thyme, acanthofyllum and different species of Gramineae. The main animal species of the region include wild goat, Armenian sheep, wolf, striped hyena, common fox, golden jackal, Indian crested porcupine, ston marten, golden eagle,kestrel, sparrow hawk, hobby, black vulture, chukar partridge, sandgrouse, stock dove, red-billde chough, bunting, rock nuthatch, Montpellier snake, versicolored wood snake, agama, scorpion and tarantula. The presence of high biodiversity, beautiful Bahrami and Lorestani caves and springs, eye-catching landscape of Takht sar cave migratory birds, have encouraged research, educational and tourist activities in the region.