Siah kuh


Having an area of 199651 ha, this region was designated protectad area in 2001. Covering protions of Esfahan and Yazd Provinces, the region is a plain encompassing some mountains and having salt lands. Siah Kuh Kavir is located in the area. The altitude range of 880-2000 m, mean annual temperature of 19 C and mean annual precipitation of 65 mm, have resulted in a temperate extra-arid climate. Integrity, habitat intactness, favorable animal diversity, the presence of highly valuable species such as cheetah and considerable population of wild goat and wail sheep are among the main characteristics of the rigion. Some of the main plant species of the region are tamarisk, saxaul, Turk terebinth pistache, mountain almond, astragal, wormseed, bean caper, poppy mallow, colocynth, saltwort, soda plant, thyme, cousinia, prickly thrift and ephedra. Other important animal species of the region are goitred gazelle, jebeer gazelle, leopard, caracal, Blanford’s fox, wolf, jackal, hyena, Indian crested porcupine, saker, kestrel, golden eagle, chukar partridge, houbara bustard, pleske’s ground jay, diadem snake and horned viper. High biodiversity, vastness and intactness of the area, beautiful natural features and relatively proper access roads have encouraged educational, research and tourist activities in the region.