An area of 25344 ha, this region was designated area in 1996. It is a plain rolling land with numerous springs located in Qazvin Province. The altitude range of 1320 to 2120 m, mean annual minimum and maximum temperatures of -5 and 38 C, respectively and mean annual precipitation of 300 mm have led to the development of a temperate semi-arid climate. Located in Irano-Touranian floristc region, there exist plant species such as mountain almond, tamarisk, saxaul, astragal, rosa , milfoil, prickly thrift, wormseed, licorice, blue-bottle and mountain spinach. The plain of the region are home to goitred gazelle while the rolling lands are suitable habitats for wild sheep. Other animal species include wolf, common fox, jackal, wild boar, cape hare, Indian crested porcupine, chukar partridge, quail, cuckoo, see-see partridge, hoopoe, vulture, griffon vulture, owl, Schmidtis whip snake and sand boa. Eye-catching rolling lands, numerous springs, historical monmuments, proximity to population centers and proper access roads attract a great number of nature lovers and tourists.