Located in glain and Ardabil Provinces, this 31142 ha area has been protected since 1969. Lisar is composed of three distinct parts namely plains mountainous forests and upland rangelands. The altitude range of -20-3000m, mean annual precipitation of 600-1100 mm and mean annual temperature of 3-16 C have resulted in Mediterranean and temperate per-humid climates. The region is invaluable in terms of conserving animal species such as red deer , roe deer, pheasant and brock trout, providing suitable habitats for various migratory and resident birds and protecting a fuul altitude range of precious Hyrcanian forests from plains to the timber line. 70 plant and 90 animal species have been identified in the area. The freshwater lake of Neor is located in the west of region at altitude of 2460 m. Having average and maximum depths of 3 and 6 m. respectively, the freezes down 5-6 months in a year. The dominant plant species of the lake is pondweed, associated with cat’s tail, wheat grass, duckweed and arrow-leaf. Other plant species of the area include beech, hornbeam, chestnut-leaved oak, alder, elm zelkova, Indian date-plum, box tree, ironwood coliseum maple, velvet maple astragal, wormseed, acanthofyllum and pickly thrift. Other animal speciesare Eurasian lynx, weasel, brown bear, wild goat, cape hare, wild boar, Mediterranean mole, green-headed duck, Caspian snowcock, little grebe and larks. Lake Neor and its migratory and native birds, beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife and proper access roads have facilitated scientific, research and tourist activities.