Region was designated protected area in 1968 and was promoted to national park in 1974. The small northern part of this was later designated protected area again in 1982. Tandoureh protected area is located in Razavi Khorasan Province with an area of 9250 ha and altitude range of 900-2600 m. the mean annual precipitation and lowest and highest temperatures are 370 mm, 2.5 and 26 C, respectively leading to the development of warm Mediterranean leading to the development of warm Meditaranen and temperate semi-arid climats. The vegetation cover is mainly composed of wormseed, sheep’s fescus, stiff-hair wheat grass, astragal, saint John’s wort, asphodel, borage, juniper, hedge maple, almond and fig. the main animal species of the region are leopard, urial, stone marten, wild boar, jackal, common fox, cape hare, wild cat, different buzzards, pigeon, starling, chukar partridge, quail barn swallow turtle dove, cuckoo desert black snake, viper and horned viper.