This region was designated protected area in 1973. Salouk protected area has an area of 11677 ha and is located in the west of Salouk national park in North Khorasan Province. The altitude range of 1140-2780 m and mean annual precipitation and temperature of 280 mm and 12 C, respectively have resulted in a temperate semi-arid climate. The region is rich in animal and plant biodiversity. The dominant plant species is wormseed which forms the vegetation cover of the area along with scattered juniper forests and species such as berberry, astragal, prickly thrift, ephedra, dog rose, giant fennel, fig and black torn. The man animal species are goitred gazelle, urial, wild goat, wild goat, wolf, leopard, hyena, jackal, stone marten, large-toothed souslik, common fox, chukar partridge, see-see partridge owl, and different sandgrouses and lark. Juniper stands, eye-catching valleys, plant and animal biodiversity, Pish-qaleh monument and proper access roads have paved the way for tourism in the region.