Covering extents of Fars and Hormozgan provinces, this 209671 ha area has been protected since 1974. The altitude range of 200-2660 m and mean annual precipitation and temperature of 130 mm and 25 C, respectively have resulted in warm extra-arid and temperate arid climates in the region. The Aliabad, Avin and dendel rivers are the main water supplies of the area. Hormod is an excellent habitat for Larestan wild sheep and jebeer gazelle, juniper forests associated with Turk terebinth pistahe, almond and olive tree are found in the mountains whereas species such as musquit bean, nubk tree , acacia, bean caper, astragal, poppy mallow, wormwood and prickly thrift grow in the plains. The main animal species of the region are Larestan wild sheep, jebeer gazelle, wild goat, leopard, wolf, wild boar, jackal, common fox, Indian crested porcupine, houbara bustard, sandgrouse, turtle dove, swift, saw-scaled viper, steppe ribbon snake, versicolored wood snake and horned viper. High mountains beautiful valleys and vast plains covered with diverse vernal flowers are inviting feature for tourists.