Haftad Gholleh

Covering an area of 97437 ha, this region is located in Markazi Province and designated protected area in 1973. It is a mountainous ara with rolling hills and plans in the north and west, located adjacent to Mighan Kavir. The altitude range of 1580 to 2960m and mean annual precipitation of 340 mm have led to temperate arid and cold semi-arid climares. Temperature falls to -25 C in the winter and rises to 40 C in the summer. Topographic structure and climatic diversity have given Haftad Gholleh a variety of sites and highe biodiversity. The vegetation mainly includes astragal, succor, cousinia wormseed, summer cypress, mint, bleeding heart, fritillary, tulip papaver, carnation, borage, acanthofyllum, milfoil, thistle and devil’s milk. Haftad Gholleh boasts a rich and diverse wildlife and has long been one of the most important game parks. Some animas of the region include wild goat, wild sheep, goitred gazelle, wild boar, wolf, wild cat, leopard, badger, Kuhl’s pipistrelle,


Geoffroy’s bat, chukar partridge, turtle dove, bee eater, shore lark, golden eagle, wild boar, wolf, wild cat, leopard, badger, Kuh’s pipistrelle, Geoffroy’s bat, chukar partridge , turtle dove, bee eater, shore lark, golden eagle kestrel, buzzard, hobby, black bellied sandgrouse, little owl, greater shrike, northern wheatear, rock bunting, magpie, rock nuthatch, blackbird, saw-scaled viper, Persian horned viper, Lavantine viper,Lavantine viper, checkered cat snake monitor and spurthighed tortoise. Proximity to the Arak-Qom main road and the presence of natural attractions and rich wildlife, have made the region suitable for tourism as well as research activities.