Having been protected since 1996 aimed at protecting goitered and kavir habitats, the area was designated wildlife refuge in 2002. With an area of 22847 ha, this plain, kavir hilly area is located in Razavi Khorasan Province. The altitude range is 915-1380 m and mean annual temperature and precipitation are 14 C and 175 mm, respectively which have together given the area a warm arid climate. The Kalshoor River forming the northern border of area is the only permanent water supply of the region.


The vegetation cover is mainly composed of tamarisk, mountain almond, astragal, wormseed, bean caper, saltwort, Kashgar tree, mountain spinach, giant fennel, safflower, giant fennel, safflower, yellow horn poppy and cousinia. The most important animal species include goitred gazelle, jebeer gazelle, cape hare, caracal, wild cat, hyena, wolf, large-toothed souslik, long-tailed hamster, brandt’s hedgehog, Kuhl’s pipistrelle, imperial eagle, vulture, kestrel, buzzard, saker, chukar partridge, houbara, bustard, aegle owl, finch, swallow, saw-scaled viper, horned viper, lavantine viper, monitor, Khorasan agama, rose-shouldered toad agama and boa. The Kalshoor River is an excellent wintering place for water birds such asbittern, heron, teal, green-headed duck and ruddy shelduck. A protective jebeer gazelle reproduction plan is administered in an enclosed 30 ha area of the region. Proximity to population centers and frequent access roads are inviting features of the area of tourists.