Kolah Ghazy

Being protected since 1967, this region was designated wildlife refuge in 1975. Located in Esfahan province, this 3736 ha area is composed of two distinct parts. The altitude range of 1540 to 1840 m and mean annual temperature and precipitation of 12 C and 100mm, have given the region a temperate extra-arid climate.

 kolah ghazi .

The main plant species of the area include fig, almond, willow, wake robin, camel’s thorn, wormseed, wild Syrian rue, goat’s beard, various Gramineae, harebell hyacinth, catchfly, astragal, saltwort, rhubarb, clary, falcaria, milfoil, borage, iris and acanthofyllum. Wild goat is the indicator animal species of the region. Other animal species include Esfahan sheep, goitered gazelle, leopard, cape hare, wolf, hyena, jackal, Indian crested porcupine, common fox, wild cat, chukar partridge, see-see partridge, different birds of prey, horned viper, versicolored wood snake and turtle.

kolah ghazi

Goitered gazelle and leopard are the two threatened animal species of the region. Plant and diversity, proximity to populated and academic centers as well as the availability of proper access roads have enabled tourism, scientific and research activities.