Having been protected since 1973, this area became a wild life refuge in 1975. Located in Mazandaran Province, this refuge is on the very few remainder of the Caspian plain forests. The area is 1041 ha and altitude ranges between 50 and


190 m. the climate is temperate sub-humid with mean annual precipitation of 800 mm and mean annual temperature of 20 C. the main tree species are chestnut-leaved oak, hornbeam, Persian ironwood, Indian date-plum, hawthorn, European alder and raspberry. The main animal species include wolf, jackal, wild boar, pheasant, different birds of prey and Passeriformes, Kukri snake and common blind snake, red and roe deer are the two extinct animal species of the region. A part of the refuge has been confined to semi-naturally reproduce Persian fallow deer introduced from Dez and Karakheh region. The presence of proper access roads and beautiful forest landscapes, has provided a great potential for tourist attraction.