Fereydoun Kenar

International wetland

Aimed at providing safe place for the wintering stay of the wintering stay of the endangered migratory Siberan crane, this 48 ha has been protected since 1973.



 Located in Mazandaran Province, the area was later promoted to wildlife refuge in 1975 and was registered on the international Wetlands list in 2003. Located 20m below open sea level, mean annual precipitation and temperature of the area are 1000mm and 20 C, respectively which have resulted in a temperate per-humid climate. The refuge is a freshwater wetland and a depth of less than 3m. trees such as hornbeam, ash tree, coliseum maple, nettle tree, maple, box tree, willow, chestnut-leaved oak, lime tree, ironwood, Caucasian wingnut, as well as reed and sedge grow in the wetland and its surroundings. Other animal species of the region are different kinds of ducks and geese. The region has high potential for ecotourism.