Covering an area of 78513 ha, this region was designated wildlife refuge in 2002 mainly aimed at protecting the species of goitered gazelle, wild goat and wild sheep. Located in Yazd province, Boroueeyah wildlife refuge is a mountainous, plain rolling land. The altitude range of 1590 to 2860 m, mean annual temperatures 15.5 C and mean annual precipitation of 200 mm have led to the development of temperate semi-arid climates.


Cliffy mountains with numerous springs, vast plains and vigorous rangeland vegetation cover are among the main characteristics of the region providing suitable conditions for various animal species. Some of the main plant species of the region are Turk terebinth pistache, mountain almond, astragal, poppy mallow, been caper, wormseed, devil’s milk, acanthophyllum, walnut tree, ziziphora, fix weed, thyme and mifoil. Nimals such as leopard, brown bear, wolf, wild boar, hyena, jackal, fox, wild goat, wild seep, goitered gazelle, jebeer gazelle, honey badger, houbara bustard, pleske’s ground jay, chukar partridge, see-see partridge, woodpecker, golden eagle and kestrel also live in the area. Beautiful landscapes, high animal and plant biodiversity, numerous springs and proper access roads have encouraged tourism in the region.