Dasht-e Naz

The region was selected and confined to keep Persian fallow deer in 1963. It is a 56 ha plain forested area located in Mazandaran Province at an altitude of -5 m. Mean annual precipitation of 800mm, have resulted in a temperate sub-humid climate. The presence of relatively large diameter chestnut- leaved oak trees associated with ironwood, hornbeam and occasionally box tree understory is a reminder of Querco-Buxetum communities once covering the plain Hyrcanian forest. A great number of wood pigeons migrate to Dasht-e Naz in the fall.

dashte naz

Eurasian collared dove, turtle dove, Eurasian woodcock, some birds of prey, Kukri snake and grass snake are among other animal species of the area. Beautiful forest landscapes, proper access roads and the presence of Persian fallow deer in the region. Have attracted researchers and other people interested in nature.